Make a Donation

Even just a small amount will make a BIG difference!

What do the donations go towards helping?

  • Gives VIP on certain servers (please see details below)
  • The running of the game servers
  • This website
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Discord and Rocketchat
  • B3
  • Echelon
  • XLRstats
  • The possibility to expand to other games in the future

What is included in VIP?

On Deathrun:

  • Exclusive character skins
  • Extra XP
  • VIP weapons
  • Trails
  • Use of fun commands
  • Visions
  • - Click here for full information and costs.

On Cod Jumper:

  • More details coming soon

If you are donating for VIP on any of the servers, please create a brief topic and provide your details, with the server on which you wish to get VIP: Click Here!